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Below are our Frequently Asked Questions that are normally asked when working with SexList and SexList, Inc. Products.

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Webmasters - General

General Webmaster Questions and Answers.

What is a Counter?
What are the features of your different counters?
Where should I place the Counter Code?
I can't seem to login to my account. What is going on?
I forgot/lost my account Id/password. What can I do?
When I login to check my stats, I don't get any info. Why?
I get n hits a day, but I can't find my site in your Top Sites listing. Why?
How can I make updates and changes to my account?
How do I change my counter category?
How do I change from Single Page to MultiPage counter or vice versa?
How do I cancel an existing account?
What other Features does SexList offer?

Single Page Counter

Information for webmasters using our Single Page Counter.

What is a Single Page Counter?

Multipage Counter

Information for Webmasters using our Multipage Counter.

What is a Multipage Counter?
Why use the MultiPage Counter?
How do I use the MultiPage Counter?
How do I view my MultiPage stats?
What is the Site Tree applet?
How do I use the Site Tree Applet?
How do I view day/weekly/monthly/yearly stats using the Site?
What if I don't have Java support/Am on a slow connection?
How do I use the HTML Site Tree?
How do I remove/add a page to my MultiPage stats?
Can I get MultiPage visitor/referrer stats?
Why do I get an 'unknown' link as a referrer?
Why do URL's appear in my Page List that are not on my site?
Can I use the same MultiPage counter code across different domains?

Network Counter

Information for Webmasters using our Network Counter.

What is a Network Counter?

Referrer Stats

Questions on Referrer stats

What are referrers stats?
Why should I use Referrer stats?
I would like to add Referrer stats to my page, how can I do this?
Why doesn't the referrer code return an image?
Why are the totals for my referrer stats lower than my traffic totals?

Exit Stats

Help with configuring and using Sexlist Exit stats

What are Exit stats?
Why should I use Exit Stats?
Where do I go to start using Exit stats?
How do I configure my pages for Exit stats?
How do I use Manual Mode Configuration?
How do I use Interactive Mode Configuration?
How do I use Automatic Mode configuration?
I am using a commercial HTML editor. Will this screw up my Exit tracking code?

Link Swap Stats

What are Link Swap Stats?
Why should I use Link Swap stats?
How do I start using Link Swap stats?

Surfers - General

Information for Surfers on how to use and navigate our site.

What is the best way to navigate through the site?

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